• Capelan,
    A player of the
    positive economy


Our vision

CAPELAN is a family-owned holding company supporting sustainable growth.

CAPELAN is convinced of the necessity to adapt the economy to environmental and social issues and is determined to contribute to this, and encourage other players to do so.

“The urgent challenge of safeguarding our common home includes the concern to unite the whole human family in the search for sustainable and integral development, because we know that things can change."

Pope Francis, Laudato Si'

Our values

CAPELAN's values are first and foremost responsibility towards mankind and the planet that supports us.
As a player of the positive economy, CAPELAN supports or invests in projects that respect the long-term interests of humans and nature.

"The positive economy aims to orient capitalism towards taking long-term issues into account. Altruism towards future generations is a more powerful driving force than the individualism that drives today's market economy."
Jacques ATTALI.

Our investment sectors

The sectors of our holdings are:


Mass retail

Real estate



CAPELAN is aware of the impact of economic activity on the climate, and invests exclusively in companies that make use of green energy and are committed to a process of monitoring, reducing and offsetting the carbon footprint of their activities.
CAPELAN excludes any investment in weaponry, gambling and the tobacco sector, and more broadly, sectors with a negative impact on the environment such as fossil fuels and pesticides etc.

Our commitments

Claire et François pour l'Enfance

The endowment fund Claire et François pour l'Enfance supports and accompanies projects in the field of solidarity, health and education for children.
Fondation Claire et François Consult the activity report (FR)

Synergie Solaire

Endowment fund for the European renewable energy sector.Synergie Solaire centralizes not only funds, but also the skills of companies in the sector, to technically and financially support selected NGOs, carriers of humanitarian energy access projects all over the world. A strong ambition for the future: To contribute to a better world for people and the planet.
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Our Team

It is up to us alone to give meaning to our work and the funds we raise. The state of the world today invites us to do so more than ever…